I have not attached any samples here.  However, I have included, in "Books", some material about THE SECRETS OF SERVICE, a book designed to motivate better customer service.

Please write to me if interested.

Industrial Theater:  

Book and lyrics for sales conventions, designed to train employees, make them feel good about working here, and to entertain them.  

Some clients I worked for include International Harvester,  Helene Curtiss, Allstate.

Sketches for live / interactive training sessions, wherein – for instance-- actors would play out a customer service or sales scene that was wrong, and a facilitator would lead a training/discussion on ways to do it right.

(The most interesting of these was a training session on sexual harassment in the workplace. Got to use lots of words you don’t say in community life. )


A variety of speeches to be delivered by executives at annual Sales Meetings, for such clients as Kraft Foods, Abbott Labs, etc.

New Product Launches:  presentations designed to introduce a new Product; e.g., ulcer medication for G.D. Searles, etc.

Occasionally I would write materials designed to make employees of a company feel good about downsizing – a challenge indeed.




McDonald’s  (“Welcome to Our Team,”  “Front Counter Etiquette,” etc.)

Sears   (Various sales training videos, i.e. “Selling Jewelry,”  “Selling Electronics,” etc)

Allstate  (Sales training videos on various insurance products.)

Mayflower Van Lines   (“How to Handle a First Visit to a Prospective Customer” “How to Load the Truck”, etc.)


Current Freelance Work:
Having recently retired from academia, I am now returning to the kinds of freelance industrial writing I did before I went back to teaching.  I do a wide variety of things:  training, motivation, press releases, corporate communications, industrial theater and so forth.

I have also begun to work on web-related jobs:  writing text for web pages, helping Search Engine Optimization, occasional blogs for clients,  editing articles, and related areas.  

Previously,  for about 15 years, I worked in Chicago as a freelance industrial writer.   I wrote a variety of pieces for many companies for many occasions.  For a while, I worked full time as Creative Director for a firm that produced business meetings of all sorts.   My assignments fell into three major types, although they often blended together.